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We're interested in a lot more than just the Police Facility and Civic Center issue. Take a look at our Projects page, which will keep evolving.


Isn't it worth having a conversation with the City of Salem to potentially save taxpayers $30 million or more?


Salem Community Vision thinks so.


We agree that Salem needs a new police facility and seismic upgrade of the Civic Center.


But we believe citizens need to be involved in the planning of these projects. 


Because there is a better way. A less expensive way.

We need your help to explore that way.


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More info/FAQ

Here you'll find a Statesman Journal guest opinion by Geoffrey James.


Learn more about how Salem taxpayers could save $30 million or more if the City seriously considers alternatives to its current over-priced proposal.


Read our FAQs. With answers!


Check out "Civic Center Alternative Proposal" by Gene Pfeifer. This provides details of how renovations can be made in a smarter and less expensive way. 


Click on the images in the slide show above and you can read the Salem Community Vision brochure.

Get involved

We're all about citizen involvement. So we hope you will get involved. 


On our Get Involved page you'll find several ways to make your voice heard. 


Sign our online petition.

Ask your organization to sign our resolution to the City Council. Or sign it yourself.


Email the City Council, Statesman Journal, and Salem Weekly.

Contact us

Let us know if you have questions or concerns. 


Email us
Write us.


Share some thoughts on our Facebook page.

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